WWE SmackDown Live Results: Highlights, Analysis, and Grades for May 16

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The Final Step Towards Backlash

Our next segment is the contract signing for the six-women tag team match at Backlash. Choosing to supervise the proceedings, Commissioner Shane McMahon makes his entrance to the ring. Introducing both the Welcoming Committee and their opponents, he allows the women inside the ring to say their share.

First up is Natalya, and she wastes no time calling Becky Lynch, Charlotte Flair, and Naomi utterly pathetic. Signing the contract, her signature is quickly followed by both Carmella and Tamina Snuka’s. Becky Lynch takes control of the segment now, but she isn’t ready to sign just yet.

Stating that she never would’ve joined the trio standing in front of her, Lynch is eager for the opportunity to destroy them on Sunday. She signs the contract, and then Naomi is given a chance to speak as well. Telling her opponents that they’ll be snatched bald (you read that right) she even includes James Ellsworth in the threat. The SmackDown Live Women’s Champion then provides her signature, leaving only the Queen remaining.

According to Charlotte, the Women’s Division has been on edge ever since she arrived to the Blue Brand. Once the Welcoming Committee is taken care of, she intends on focusing her attention on the Women’s Championship. Pointing at the title and providing a trademark “woo”, the Queen signs the contract as well.

As the segment concludes, Shane officially declares the match for Backlash. However, one more issue needs to be addressed. Ellsworth decides to take a mic, claiming that Lynch wants him but has “no chance in hell”.  He turns his attention to Charlotte, but this almost leads to a brawl between her and Carmella. So, Shane books a match for tonight between the two.