WWE Backlash 2017: 3 Reasons Randy Orton Should Defeat Jinder Mahal

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3. More Heals

This may need some work.

Can we all also agree that Heel Orton is better than Face-Orton?

As of current, Smackdown has Baron Corbin, Dolph Ziggler, Erick Rowan, Jinder Mahal and Kevin Owens as resident heels. It looks as if AJ Styles may have an imminent face turn — seeing as he was teaming with the faces last week on Smackdown. And, Rusev still isn’t back, so his status is unknown.

Randy Orton is getting a lot of heat recently. And, it’s all because of one tweet. The tweet — coupled with this earlier retweet and dig at Bully Ray — infuriated indy wrestlers, past WWE wrestlers, and even had CM Punk enter the thread at some point.

An Orton heel turn will finally give Smackdown a top heel in the main event, as well as possibly give them more reason to turn AJ Styles face.

Similar to his ‘Legend-Killer’ gimmick earlier in his career, an ‘Indy-Killer’ gimmick similar to that of Baron Corbin’s in NXT would be interesting. Orton retaining and going on to defend against people like AJ Styles, Sami Zayn, and Kevin Owens — who plied their craft on the Indies pre-WWE — would be more interesting than a simple heel v. face if Mahal won.

At the end of their match WWE Backlash 2017, Orton could proceed to continue beating down Mahal and the Singh Brothers to turn him heel. Mahal could then do something along the lines of low blowing him before Randy rolls out with his title — just so he retains his heel status.