WWE Backlash 2017: 3 Reasons Randy Orton Should Defeat Jinder Mahal

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2. Too Early for Mahal

Evident with the skepticism people still have for Mahal’s position — it may be too early for Mahal.

Though this has been the most exciting he’s been in both his WWE runs, there still hasn’t been enough character development for him.

At the moment, he’s the culturally superior foreign heel that has help from the Singh Brothers.

Though the Singh Brothers have provided a lot more to Mahal’s character, they’re also a hinderance. What’s the relationship they have with each other besides being of Indian decent? Why don’t they have their own voice or their own matches? They seem like Mahal’s slaves and yet there doesn’t even seem like Mahal interacts with them much.

When Seth Rollins had J&J Security and Kane, at least there was a relationship between them — with Seth buying them gifts. But with Mahal and the Singh Brothers, there’s nothing.

Until his character is fully flushed out, a WWE Championship seems too much of a leap.

Randy Orton has reached that point in which — much like John Cena, Chris Jericho, or Big Show — a loss doesn’t affect him as much. But, he still needs to win as Mahal’s character isn’t ready.

There’s still one Smackdown to go before WWE Backlash 2017 and the match is going to happen nonetheless, any more character building for Mahal is unlikely.