WWE Backlash 2017: 3 Reasons Randy Orton Should Defeat Jinder Mahal

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1. Orton sells

It really is the truth.

People want to see Orton vs. Styles or Orton vs. Zayn or Orton vs. Owens more than they want to see Mahal vs. Styles etc.

It’s reflected in merchandise sales. And by that, I mean Jinder Mahal doesn’t even have anything on the WWE Shop.

It’s also shown in live shows, where Orton is more or less always advertised for the main event whereas Mahal may not even be on the card.

If WWE had spent more time on Mahal — possibly given him a run with the US Title first before going for the WWE Title —maybe we wouldn’t be in this situation.

It wouldn’t be crazy to assume that WWE pushed Mahal to try push a new profitable star, but if that was the case, why doesn’t he have merchandise? It makes it seem that WWE themselves aren’t really sure if they want Mahal to win.

Whenever Orton comes out, he comes out like a star and wrestles only the best — e.g. Brock Lesnar and Bray Wyatt — and that’s because WWE helped him become that.

WWE — not too long ago — had Mahal get shoulder blocked by Rob Gronkowski at WrestleMania 33; that’s not exactly star-in-the-making material.

Until WWE makes Mahal a viable main-eventer, the WWE Championship should remain out of his grasp.

So —in the mean time — Randy Orton should retain the championship at WWE Backlash 2017.

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Should Jinder take the fall this round? Or will he never be a viable main-eventer?