WWE Backlash 2017: 5 Bold Predictions

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Credit: WWE.com

5. James Ellsworth Will Get Put Through a tTble

James Ellsworth is a true Cinderella story. He was never supposed to be someone that made it to the WWE, but his innate charisma as a lovable loser got him over with the crowd.

This led to more and more appearances until Ellsworth signed a full-time contract with WWE and even inserted himself into the main event scene alongside AJ Styles and Dean Ambrose.

After Ellsworth turned heel, it looked like his 15 minutes of fame were up. He lost his only ally in Ambrose and lost his title shot against Styles, and it looked like there was nothing else for Ellsworth to do on SmackDown Live.

That was until he became Carmella’s valet and “boo”. Ellsworth with Carmella was a weird pairing at first, but it has helped enhance Carmella’s character to show she’s got the beauty and the brains as she manipulates and uses Ellsworth to her advantage.

Carmella and Ellsworth now find themselves in the Welcoming Committee alongside Tamina and Natalya. The trio, accompanied by Ellsworth, will go up against Becky Lynch, Charlotte, and Naomi at Backlash.

One intriguing relationship in this bout is that of Lynch and Ellsworth. The Irish Lass Kicker has joked about her disdain for Ellsworth on social media and Talking Smack, and she has attacked him more than once, most notably when she faked her acceptance into the Welcoming Committee.

This could foreshadow another spot to happen between the two at Backlash, especially with how he ran his mouth against the opposing trio on the go home SmackDown Live. With Ellsworth running interference for his team the whole time, it’s bound to get on the nerves of Lynch, and we could see her snap once again.

Since Backlash is a PPV, they may look to raise the stakes in this matchup and escalate Becky’s attack. For this reason, I am predicting Ellsworth to not only get attacked by Becky Lynch, but he will be going through a table at one point during the match as comeuppance for mouthing off against Becky and her teammates.