WWE Backlash 2017: 5 Bold Predictions

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Credit: WWE.com

3. Dolph Ziggler Gets Squashed by Shinsuke Nakamura

Dolph Ziggler, with his superb ring work and excellent selling, is often picked for the first feuds of NXT call-ups on the main roster. This time, Ziggler has been chosen as the adversary for Shinsuke Nakamura.

The build up for the bout has been strange, with Ziggler calling Nakamura “Michael Jackson” and claiming no one knows him because he hasn’t wrestled in the WWE yet.

Shinsuke, since getting called up, has just danced his way out to the ring a couple of times with a couple of words spoken to Ziggler here and there.

Clearly, they are trying to make this bout seem like a build of suspense as everyone awaits Shinsuke Nakamura’s first bout on the main roster, but it has just gotten even more strange, and the angle is starting to lose the interest of fans.

However, that should all change come Backlash because Nakamura will be able to do what he does best: wrestle. The person he will be facing is no slouch in that area either, with Ziggler being one of WWE’s best in-ring performers. It’s no wonder why people are predicting this to be the hotly contested match of the night.

Sure, this could be an engaging back and forth affair, but a more intriguing option would be for Nakamura to dominate and defeat Ziggler in less than ten minutes. Rather than showing that Nakamura can hang with the best of them, this will show that he is the best of them and will help elevate his status with a monster push.

Nakamura’s dominance can emulate that of Brock Lesnar on the main roster, especially since he has a solid MMA background, and he can be the perfect choice to be the face that takes down The Beast at some point down the line.

And it all starts at Backlash.