WWE NXT Results: Highlights, Analysis, and Grades for May 17

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Bobby Roode Enters Full Sail

We see Roode entering the venue, yelling at someone helping him out. What might be in store for the NXT Championship holder tonight?

Drew McIntyre vs. Sean Maluta

Result: Drew McIntyre defeated Sean Maluta via pinfall.

Rating: 2.25 out of 5 stars

This is the latest opportunity for Mcintyre in action, as he bides his time before going for the NXT Championship. He’ll have to wait for Saturday’s NXT TakeOver: Chicago show, and then see which of Roode or Hideo Itami walk out with the belt.

Maluta is still lingering after last summer’s Cruiserweight Classic. He’s shown flashes of potential before, and while he won’t be winning a match anytime soon, there’s an eventual opportunity to put this Samoan wrestler into the Cruiserweight division — if a spot opens.

For now, it seems McIntyre is playing a tweener role. He’s had babyface traits in his recent performances, but also showed some aggression. Maybe WWE NXT is waiting for an eventual feud to determine the Scotsman’s direction, or are just going with a more rugged style for him.

McIntyre got some reactions for his stiff blows to Maluta, including being busted open below his eye. It was definitely a performance that helped the former 3MB member, who will proceed to Wesley Blake, if last week’s interaction meant anything.

After the match, McIntyre had an interview on the ramp. He was asked about Blake, saying it doesn’t concern him. Quite frankly, after all the former NXT Tag Team Champion has done since losing the titles in 2015, why bother being worried?