Impact Wrestling: Results and Highlights for May 18

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First Round Match in the GFW Tag Team Championship Tournament
LAX vs Garza Jr. and Laredo Kid

Result: LAX def. Kid and Garza Jr. via pinfall

There was a chippy push to the face by Santana that got this match ignited.  Garza Jr. and Laredo Kid take out LAX early with dives to the outside.  The numbers game allows LAX to fight their way back into the match but Kid doesn’t keep his momentum low for long.  Santana catches Garza with a dive of his own as LAX regains control.  Kid and Garza Jr. go on one last speedy run but this was the ultimate in competitive matches.  The outside interference limited the dual offense of Jr. and Kid as Diamante takes out Garza Jr. with a hurricanrana.  The chemistry and dirty play of LAX proves to be the deciding factor as LAX moves on to the next round of the tournament.

This match had plenty of aerial and tandem offense which is what fans like to see in tag team matches.  Garza Jr. and Kid came in as the likable high flyers while LAX seems to be the one’s to try and outdo their opponents.  I loved that there was the rare double clothesline in this match which I felt like I hadn’t seen in a while.  Both teams showed that they could work together but a bracket would be helpful.  As fans, we still don’t know who all is involved in this tournament for the GFW Tag Team Championships.

Kongo Kong vs Braxton Sutter

Result: Kong def. Sutter via pinfall

Sutter tries to mount some offense from the very beginning but Kong shuts it down.  Kong drags Sutter to the corner by his mouth but BS was able to move out of the way.  Sutter tries to comeback with his speed and it seems to work.  It’s a tough battle of trying to take Kong to the ground.  As much as Braxton Sutter tried, he couldn’t take him down and was messed with a splash in the corner.  Kongo Kong defeats Braxton Sutter with his top rope splash.  After the match, KM comes down during Kong’s celebration to attack Sutter.  Mahabali Shera comes to the aid of Braxton Sutter and a match is set for next week.  Sutter and Shera vs Kong and KM next week on Impact.

I didn’t expect Kong to completely dominate Sutter but he practically did.  Kong’s dominance continues but now Sutter has some help.  Mahabali Shera could be the guy to stop Kong’s reign of terror but the number’s game is still on Kong’s side.