Impact Wrestling: Results and Highlights for May 18

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EC3 vs James Storm

Result: Storm def. EC3 via disqualification

James Storm is out for revenge from last week when Ethan Carter III whipped Storm with a belt.  Storm is in control as the match begins with fury in his eyes but EC3 fights back.  Carter uses underhanded tactics to battle back into the match.  EC3 starts to focus his attack on the back of James Storm.   The attack takes a toll on Storm throughout the rest of the match.  Storm takes the fight to the outside as he wants to use the strap on EC3 like it was done to him.

Magnus gets involved and is thrown out by Bruce Prichard.  Ethan Carter III took control after the distraction by Magnus but James Storm finds his second wind.  Carter finds offense again with a pair of TK3’s and looks towards the belt at ringside.  Ethan Carter plans to use the belt again on Storm but referee Stiffler tries to take it away.  Carter knocks down Stiffler and beats him with the belt which results in a disqualification.


After the match, Carter continues his beat down on Stiffler but James Storm comes to his rescue.  He sets up for the Last Call Superkick but Magnus gets involved again.  This infuriates EC3 and the two start to argue in the middle of the ring.  Bruce Prichard comes out and makes a three-way number one contender’s match next week.  He tells EC3 to look back in the mirror and find his balls but Carter pushes him down and leaves him laying in the middle of the ring.

This was a rematch from a few weeks ago and the rivalry stems from the fans choice of James Storm over EC3.  Carter officially turned his back on Storm as he cost him the World Championship against Lashley.  Last week, EC3 gave James Storm an old fashioned whooping which has been described as 30 lashes.  The match was very competitive and even added Magnus into the fold with his involvement.  Ethan Carter is getting back to his peak with his second heel run and it could set him up for another World Championship run starting at Slammiversary.