Predicting the WWE Women’s Tournament Field

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Between Neville, Sheamus, Cesaro, Jack Gallagher, Drew McIntyre, and a host of others, Europe is well represented in the men’s division in the WWE.  But outside of Becky Lynch, Nikki Cross and the often troubled, Paige, the women, not so much.  RAW, Smackdown, and even NXT could definitely use some European talent and luckily for the WWE, that continent is chalk full of it.  Here are six women the WWE should bring in for this tournament.

Kay Lee Ray – Glasgow, Scotland

24-year-old, Kay Lee Ray tends to take a lot of knocks due to her size.  Sure, she’s 5’8′ but she weighs in at about only 115 pounds.  But for what the Glasgow native lacks in girth, she makes up for with pure aggression and a beautiful mat acumen.  She’s just as good at a pure grappling match as she is exchanging chair shots with her opponents.  Her daredevil mentality has endeared her to fans all over the U.K. and Europe as she’s competed in over 50 companies in her 6-year career.

Starting off in the business at just 18 years old, Ray has made a name for herself in the business.  Combine that with her girl next door looks and limitless energy and it’s actually a surprise that she hasn’t already been signed to a major organization.  Will a run in the tournament be the exposure she needs to get to the next level?  Let’s hope so.

Nixon Newell – Bargoed, Wales

Nixon Newell could potentially be one of the major cogs in the future of women’s professional wrestling.  At just 22, and with four years under belt, Nixon has very quickly become a mainstay and major attraction on the U.K. wrestling scene.  She’s already made appearances in some of the top women’s promotions in the world including Shimmer, Progress, and STARDOM.

For someone still relatively new to the business, she has staggering confidence which has led to her 8 championships already among the indy circuit.  She might be just a little too green to win the Women’s tournament but there’s no doubt that if she gets a chance, she’ll turn a lot of heads.  If you get a chance, check out her “Welsh Destroyer” finisher here.  It’s a beauty.

Katarina Leigh – Luneberg, Germany

Now this would just be a nice story, right?  Leigh, the former Katie Burchill in the WWE from 2008-2009, now 36, still works the independent scene, although not a ton.  After being released from the WWE in 2009 after failing to win the then Divas title, Leigh went to TNA where she became a 2-time TNA Knockouts champion.  But when that run came an end in 2011, she retreated to the indy scene where she’s been doing some of the best work of her career while also getting a few Hollywood movie roles.  Leigh never really got the opportunity to shine during her time with the WWE and the company should extend her the offer to wrestle in this tournament so she can prove that her release was a mistake and she still has plenty left in the tank.

Jetta – Coventry, England

Back in 2002, a then 15-year-old girl made her pro wrestling debut.  Wrestling under the name, Jetta, the young lady would spend the next 9 years working British wrestling promotions and snatching title belts.  However, in 2011, at just 24 years old, Jetta retired from the sport.  But after a 4 and half year hiatus, she returned to the ring in January of 2016 and has looked as good as ever.  She’d be a great fit for this tournament.  She’s a natural heel who works small crowds about as good as anyone to ever try, and could provide a veteran presence to the proceedings.  Keep an eye on Jetta.  Her second time around might be better than her first.

Alpha Female – Berlin, Germany

One of the biggest brutes on the entire indy wrestling scene, 34-year-old Alpha Female is, in a word, monstrous.  At 6 feet tall and 185 pounds of muscle, she’s a living, breathing giant.  She’s the perfect ying for any babyface yang as she uses sheer power and unrelenting pressure to break her opponents.  A 16 year veteran of the sport and a champion in 6 different promotions, Alpha Female would make a perfect addition to the tournament due to her beast status.  She’d have the potential to win the entire thing or at the very least be a major stepping-stone for an eventual winner.  One way or the other, she’d clearly make significant noise. Plus, every tournament needs a monster, right?

Jenny Sjodin – Hudiksvall, Sweden

An accomplished submission grappler, Sjodin at 31 years-old has been in the wrestling business for a decade but has only wrestled in less than 100 matches.  But what she lacks in experience, she makes up for with pure power, employing a game plan of vicious suplexes and vice-grip-like submissions.  Want a sample?  Watch her put on a wrestling clinic on former WWE champ Paige here.  She might not have the resume as some of other ladies mentioned but she has the x-factor being that she has gold medals in submission wrestling, making her a legit tough girl.  She’s one to keep an eye on even if she doesn’t get selected for the tournament.