Predicting the WWE Women’s Tournament Field

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Much like New Zealand, Australia does not have a long history of pro wrestling.  However, unlike New Zealand, Australia has a ton of active promotions and is becoming a hot bed for indy wrestling.  Currently operating over 30 promotions, The Land Down Under is home to some terrific wrestling action and some legit prospects.  Here are two of their female ones.

Madison Eagles – Sydney, Australia

Madison Eagles may possibly be one of the best all-around performers in all of women’s wrestling.  She has the power move set and the aerial assault.  She can work an intense match and a comedic one.  Add on that she has terrific mic skills and a good look, and it’s tough to see why she hasn’t gotten a look from a major company.  At 31 years old, now might be the perfect time for “The Punisher”.

To go along with her in-ring work, she also has the resume.  She’s won titles in 5 different organizations, including a total of 799 days with the Shimmer world title, a record length.  At 6’1′, 155, she would also have a distinct size advantage.  An 11-year veteran, she’d be a tough out for anyone in the tournament.

Shazza McKenzie – Victoria, Australia

For someone who fashioned herself as a comedy act for the initial parts of her career, Victoria’s McKenzie is slowly but surely solidifying herself as a major player in women’s wrestling.  She’s never going to fool anyone into thinking she’s an athletic marvel, but what she does as good, if not better than any of her counterparts, is she out-thinks them.  She’s a crafty veteran who always seems to find a way to win.  In her 9 year career, she’s already defeated the likes of WWE stars Billie Kay, Peyton Royce, and Emma and deserves a chance to show that she can hang with some of the other best in the world type talents.