Predicting the WWE Women’s Tournament Field

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So yes, this list is heavy with women from The United States, 12 in fact.  Sue me.  But the fact is that I absolutely love the young crop of American female wrestlers currently working,  From these 12 girls you’ll see everything from powerhouses, to high-flyers, to mat technicians.  Some are already signed to the WWE, some not, some who probably should be.  Whether the WWE decides to take some of these talents or not is up to them but one way or the other the U.S. should be very well represented.

Sarah Bridges – Jeffersonville, Indiana

Bridges, the former Crazy Mary Dobson on the indy circuit, was a major signing for the WWE when they inked her to a deal last October.  The 23-year-old Indiana native first turned pro in 2011 as a teenager and slowly grew into one of the very best female talents working.  Getting her into the WWE at her age was a major move for the company and it appears they’re very high on her.

And why not?  She’s a powerhouse between the ropes and always seems to have the crowd going whether she’s playing heel or baby face.  She was extremely dedicated to her “crazy” act on the indies which is a great sign that she’ll most likely dive right into any character the company creates for her.  But in the meantime, look for Bridges to take part in the tournament and make a legit run.

Mia Yim/Jade – Fontana, California

Korean-American and former TNA Knockouts Champion, Mia Yim, was the victim of yet another dumb mistake from Impact Wrestling.  In yet another sign that they’re clueless in evaluating talent, the company, decided not to renew her contract last March.  You know, because they so desperately needed ODB back.  They gave up on a worker who not only has a great look but is also a pure professional capable of putting on great matches.  In the meantime, Yim went back to the indy circuit and worked sparingly.  It’s time to get her back to work on a full-time schedule and it should start at the tournament.  At only 28 years old, Yim’s best days could still be in front of her and if the WWE was interested in bringing her in on a full-time basis, they’d be getting one of the very best female in-ring performers in this country.

Kimberly Frankele – Seattle, Washington

Last December the WWE signed Frankele, AKA Kimber Lee to a deal and she just recently debuted on NXT.  Frankele, a natural beauty, does not look the part of a bruiser.  At 5’3, and 120 pounds, “Princess Palmstrike”, is every bit that bruiser and so much more.  It’s always refreshing to see such an innocent looking face turn out to be such a brute but that’s case with her, as she uses a bevy of submissions and strikes to subdue her opponents.  And what an active fighter she is.  She’s been a pro for approximately six years and already has close to 400 matches under her belt.  Including Frankele in this tournament could be a lot of fun.  Watching this seemingly sweet little girl physically dismantle her opposition is a thing of beauty.

Barbi Hayden – College Station, Texas

If the winner of this tournament was decided just by looks, 26-year-old Hayden may be the number one seed.  But the real beauty about her is the fact that she’s so much more than just a pretty face.  Hayden can do it all and she even has great promo skills, something that is usually lacking with indy wrestlers.   With her combination of looks and in-ring grace, it’s shocking that the only exposure to a major wrestling company was when she had a cup of coffee with TNA last year.  Seeing that Hayden has only worked a handful of times since that TNA stint, let’s hope that’s not a sign that she’s thinking about hanging up the boots.  Because she has a story that could go on for a very long time given the right opportunities and could be a very compelling thing to add to her potential tournament run.

Santana Garrett – Ocala, Florida

The WWE is no stranger to Garrett.  The 28-year-old Floridian made 3 appearances in 2016 on NXT, although she was unsuccessful in all of them.  But usually where there’s smoke, there’s fire, and that most likely means “The Next Big Thing” is on the company’s radar.  And why not?  The girl is about as accomplished as an indy wrestler gets.  You ready for this?  In her 8 years as a pro, Garrett has snatched up 23 titles over 17 different promotions, and she’s still currently in possession of 6 of those belts.  To say she’s ready for a bigger challenge is an understatement.  Garrett’s a beautiful girl, no doubt, and she used this through the first few years of her career.  But as that has progressed. so has her in-ring skill.  For me, this girl is a lock.

Mercedes Martinez – Waterbury, Connecticut

Much like Garrett, Martinez is also a very accomplished indy worker.  She currently holds both the Shimmer World title and the Shine tag team belts.  All in all, she’s won 24 titles in 10 organizations and also like Garrett, has 6 in her pocket right now.  What sets her apart from Garrett and most of the others on this list, is her ability to play heel and baby face.  She’s great at both and tournaments like this need versatility in its performers.  Martinez has that in spades.  At 36 years old and with 16 years of service under her belt, now would be the time to strike with “The Latina Sensation” before its too late to capitalize on her potential.