Predicting the WWE Women’s Tournament Field

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Cheerleader Melissa – Los Angeles, California

There have been many travesties in the history of the WWE.  The Great Khali winning a world title, the Wrestlemania 32 main event, and The Boogie Man are a few off the top of my head.  But for me, one of the biggest is the idea that now 34-year-old Cheerleader Melissa has never had a chance to establish herself as the bright, shining star that she is.  Outside of a couple of pointless TNA runs, “The Future Legend” has been the most consistent female wrestler in this country for the better part of 2 decades and the fact that she hasn’t been able to show that on a global scale is an absolute shame.

Starting out her career in 1999, Melissa has dominated the California wrestling scene with her beautiful blend of power and agility.  She has every attribute to become a massive star and something tells me that if she’s included in this tournament, WWE fans will force the issue about signing her to a full-time contract.  Expect a Cedric Alexander type situation.  That’s the type of talent she brings to every ring she performs in.

Ivelisse – Ponce, Puerto Rico

When Puerto Rico’s Ivelisse was only 22 years old, she was selected to be on the fifth season of Tough Enough.  However, after 5 weeks, she had to drop out due to a leg injury.  But the company saw promise in the young worker and signed her to a developmental deal.  After stops in FCW and NXT, Ivelisse was released in August of 2012.  Now, if you thought she was any good while with WWE, you should see her now.  Ivelisse has gone from prospect to superstar while working briefly in TNA and then in the indies.  It’s scary how much she’s improved and she’s become arguably the best athlete in a female body.  Her and the above wrestler Melissa, are currently both a part of Lucha Underground but I doubt that’ll be a problem.  In all honesty, those two could every easily be the main event of the tournament.

Melina Perez – Los Angeles, California

If you don’t know Melina, let’s refresh you.  She worked on the WWE’s main roster from 2005 until 2011 as a manager and wrestler.  However, her years were marred by rumors about her backstage politicking and overall bully-like attitude.  Simply put, this girl is a firecracker.  I’d love to find out after 7 years away and now 38 years old, how she’d behave given a second chance.  And let’s not forget, she’s actually really good.  She’s a bit undersized but makes up for it with a high desire to win and entertain which led her to 5 WWE Women’s championships.  And she also pulls off heel so naturally, it makes it look like the rumors about her aren’t too far-fetched.  Honestly, this could either be a train-wreck or a feel good story of someone seeing the error of her ways.  Either way, it would be fun.

Jordynne Grace – St. Louis, Missouri

Not too much is known about 22-year-old Grace.  In fact, she doesn’t even have a Wikipedia page.  But, after seeing what Grace can do, she’s awesome.  At 5’1, 150 pounds, she’s a bull in the ring.  And talk about fearless.  This girl will wrestle anyone, male or female, anytime, and takes all sorts of wicked bumps.  But what makes her stand

At 5’1, 150 pounds, she’s a bull in the ring.  And talk about fearless.  This girl will wrestle anyone, male or female, anytime, and takes all sorts of wicked bumps.  But what makes her stand apart even more, is her aura.  She’s a naturally smug heel who acts entitled even though she’s only been in the business for 5 years.  Billed as “The Last Pure Athlete”, Grace already has the ability to infuriate audiences and get her baby face opponent over.  Not an easy trait for someone so green.  She might not be quite ready to win a tournament of this magnitude but she clearly has what it takes to make a dent.  Remember her name.  Trust me.

Tessa Blanchard – Charlotte, North Carolina

Much like the aforementioned Santana Garrett, 21-year-old Blanchard is already on the WWE”s radar.  She worked a few matches on NXT last year and that chance was possibly afforded by her WWE Hall of Fame father, Tully Blanchard.  But in reality, Tessa didn’t seem quite ready for NXT at that time.  That’s not the case now.  She has vastly improved in the last year and if you want evidence, there’s this video between her and boyfriend, Ricochet from March.  Amazing stuff.

Blanchard obviously has ways to go in her progression, heck, she’s only been a pro for 3 years but if she turns out anything like her father, then the women of WWE better watch out.  It might not be this year or even next, but mark my words, there will be a day that Blanchard will hold a WWE Women’s title.  Why not let the WWE Universe get a taste of “The Queen of the Carolinas” in July?

Shayna Baszler – Sioux Falls, South Dakota

I, for one, would absolutely love to see Baszler, the 36-year-old former UFC fighter turned pro wrestler, get this chance.  Back at SummerSlam 2014, “The Queen of Spades” was in attendance with fellow 4 Horse-Woman members, Ronda Rousey, Jessamyn Duke, and Marina Shafir.  All massive wrestling fans, Baszler was the only one to act on the idea and turned pro in September of 2015.  And the results?  She’s good.  She’s really good.  She brings a raw catch wrestling ability to the ring and has acclimated to the role of heel quite nicely.  She also brings credibility to the ring.  She’s a brown belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu with 26 MMA fights under her belt, 2 of which were in the UFC.  That always brings an aura that screams tough.

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The WWE has noticed Baszler already as she had a tryout last September with the company.  And although she didn’t receive a contract, this tournament will give them a chance to take a second look at her progress since.