Reby Hardy Blasts Impact Wrestling, Gives Update on ‘Broken Hardys’ Legal Battle


Reby Hardy went to social media to express her disdain for Impact Wrestling and the current legal issue regarding the “Broken Hardys” gimmick.

On Twitter, Reby is known for holding no punches in sharing her feelings. Particularly, when it comes to the acrimonious relationship with Impact Wrestling and Anthem. In fact, she became a vital source of releasing information regarding the progress of the court issues between the two parties.

Recently, Reby had a heated exchange with current Impact Wrestling agent Dutch Mantell. Formerly known in WWE as Zeb Colter, Mantell responded to a tweet which stated that “If Matt knew he had a case he’d be trying to get this in front of a judge ASAP. If Anthem was avoiding court, Reby would let us know.” Mantell agreed with this statement, saying that if there was a case to be had, it would already be there.

This drew the ire of Reby, as she unleashed on Mantell.

"So I should let our attorneys know TNA is ready & eager to go to court NOW. And I assume YOU’LL be picking up court cost$ for TNA’s team? As cute as it is to watch [Dutch Mantell] play into the naivety of most fans, no; it is not smart – financially or otherwise to take ANYTHING “straight to court” without trying to reach resolution by other means first. [Mantell], maybe you should STFU before you COMPLETELY ruin any chance of a deal being made by the lawyers your dumba** company pays VERY HANDSOMELY per hour for [Mantell]! [Ed Nordholm], might wanna check ya boy [Dutch Mantell] out here making ur uphill battle even steeper. I won’t even charge u for that advice.”"

Mantell responded in a attempt to calm down Reby, but she wasn’t having it.

When asked if the Hardys own the “Broken” character, Reby made it very sure that they in fact do.

Despite popular belief that WWE is negotiating with Impact Wrestling regarding the rights of the “Broken Hardys” gimmick, Reby completely shot that down, stating that “WWE is doing no such thing,” and that people should “stop believing BS.”

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From the standpoint of the fans, everyone wishes that both parties would just “DELETE!” this matter, and the “Broken” universe returns very soon.