5 Reasons NXT TakeOver: Chicago Was WWE NXT’s Best Show Ever

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3. Another Match of the Year Candidate for the NXT Tag Titles

The NXT Tag Team Championship used to be the match you could skip out on. While teams like The Vaudevillains, Blake and Murphy and The Lucha Dragons were talented duos, none of them provided memorable matches at NXT TakeOver events. Then came the likes of American Alpha, The Revival, DIY and The Authors of Pain, all of whom revitalized the NXT Tag Team Division into the best its ever been in its five-year existence.

At NXT TakeOver: Chicago, we received our latest treat of what the NXT tag teams can provide us. This time, it was DIY and the Author’s doing the job.

These teams closed this Live special with a Ladder Match for the NXT Tag Team Championship. It quickly led them rocking the house with one of the best tag team bouts in the brand’s history, which didn’t stop DIY’s with The Revival in 2016, but was still spectacular. The story told by both sides saw one trying to do everything they could to get gold, while the monstrous duo ended their hopes at every opportunity.

A match like this is something any card would take as its best of the night. It would probably be better than the bouts we saw at TakeOver: San Antonio and rival the tag titles at Orlando. However, a five-star classic stole the show.