5 Reasons NXT TakeOver: Chicago Was WWE NXT’s Best Show Ever

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2. That WWE UK Championship Match

There was some hype around Tyler Bate and Pete Dunne before their WWE UK Championship Match at NXT TakeOver: Chicago. These two have had good matches since joining WWE in January, becoming the stars of the UK Tournament. Bate even won the title, becoming its inaugural holder.

Well, to say these two matched the hype surrounding them is an understatement. In fact, Bate and Dunne may have put on the greatest match in not only TakeOver’s existence, but NXT history.

From start to finish, these British stars rocked the Allstate Arena. They brought out just about every possible move from their arsenals, lighting up the crowd and sending them into awe with every technical bit of offense. Then came the more flashy moves, which were done perfectly and went along with the story being told in the ring of Bate not being able to pull off the Tyler Driver ’97.

Often it looked like the match was going to end, as they teased near-falls countless times by not even successfully using finishers. The only time a closing move came into play and worked, was when Dunne hit the Bitter End to win the WWE UK Championship, a great and underrated piece to the match of not ruining someone’s finishing maneuver.

By the end, the audience was standing on its feet going wild for the two men in the ring. They had just put on an instant classic and put WWE UK wrestling on the map. It’s going to be hard to top this in any promotion for the rest of 2017.