WWE Backlash 2017: Reaction to Kevin Owens vs. AJ Styles


During the WWE Backlash event, AJ Styles will face Kevin Owens for the United States Championship. Which superstar will emerge victoriously and leave the arena as champion?

For the first time in his storied career, AJ Styles has the chance to win the coveted United States Championship. A match against the current champion Kevin Owens promises to excite, as the two are considered to be SmackDown Live’s top talents, heading into WWE Backlash.

The first superstar to make his way out to the ring is Styles, and the live crowd gives him a solid reaction. Owens quickly follows suit, and the United States champion seems to be sporting a new haircut. Once both men are inside the squared circle, the ringside announcer makes the proper introductions and the match begins.

Early on, Owens and Styles tried to gain a foothold in the contest by locking up. Neither man was successful, and so it wasn’t long before stiff strikes came into play. The two took turns dishing out offense, but ultimately it was Owens who took control. A stiff clothesline damaged the Phenomenal One, allowing the Prizefighter to slow the pace and secure a headlock.

While Styles was able to fight out of the hold, he was quickly knocked back down and received a trio of running sentons for his trouble. Still, it wasn’t long before the Phenomenal One fought his way back into the contest. Leveling the champion with a flurry of strikes, he was able to keep Owens at bay for a brief time. The challenger attempted to score the pinfall on several occasions, but was unsuccessful.

A few moments later, the action made its way to the outside area. Styles went for a Styles Clash on the ring apron, however, Owens was able to escape. Targeting the challenger’s previously damaged leg, he launched the Phenomenal One into the steel steps at ringside. Bringing his opponent back into the ring, the Prizefighter nailed two cannonballs, with the second targeting the injured right leg.

Going for the submission victory, Owens tried to end the match with an ankle lock. Somehow, Styles was able to fight his way to the ropes, causing the referee to make the champion release the hold. This led to the action taking place on the top rope, and Styles was able to hit a huge powerbomb. Sensing a chance to end the contest, he went for the Phenomenal Forearm, but his injured leg caused him to fall off the top rope.

Despite the injury, Styles was able to recover and nailed the champion with a pele kick. Owens responded with a fisherman suplex from the top rope, damaging the challenger even further. It appeared as though Owens was in a prime position to end the contest, but the Phenomenal One fired back with a suplex of his own on the ring apron.

With the action making its way to the outside yet again, Styles tried to make use of one of the announce tables. Unfortunately, this led to his leg getting caught in the wires connecting the television monitors. This allowed Owens to achieve a count-out win, and for good measure he decided to superkick his challenger from behind.

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Because of the controversy surrounding the final moments, you can bet that these two will face each other again. If tonight was any indication, expect more exciting contests in the near future.