WWE Backlash 2017: Reaction to Randy Orton vs. Jinder Mahal


Jinder Mahal has the opportunity to win his first world title from Randy Orton. Will WWE Backlash mark a new chapter in his career, or is the Viper going to retain the gold?

Ever since Jinder Mahal became the number one contender, his career has rocketed upward. Heading into his first pay-per-view main event, the once stagnant superstar has a chance to establish himself as a top player in WWE. The only thing standing in his way is the current WWE Champion, Randy Orton, at WWE Backlash.

Although the Viper is one of the most athletic and talented stars in the business, he’s consistently fallen to Mahal and the Singh Brothers. Is tonight going to feature a continuation of that trend, or is Orton destined to carry on as champion?

After the promotional video hyping the main event concludes, Jinder Mahal is the first to make his entrance. Flanked by the Singh Brothers, Mahal appears amped up for what is by far the biggest moment in his career. Randy Orton is the next one out, and he too seems prepared for a fight. As the introductions begin, Mahal performs an arrogant pose in the corner. When he turns to address his companions, Orton takes advantage and strikes from behind.

Engaging in a brawl near the announce tables, the Viper delivers a good amount of punishment to Mahal. Their conflict makes its way back inside the ring, where the two separate for a brief reprieve. Once the referee officially starts the match, Orton attempts an RKO right away. Mahal is able to counter the move, and decides to retreat to the outside. The champion follows him, but is caught by surprise when Mahal recovers and sends him crashing into the ring apron.

Returning to the ring, the challenger keeps the champion down with a dropkick. Choosing to work Orton’s left arm, Mahal is able to maintain control for a brief time. The Viper fights back with his trademark stomps, targeting his opponent’s limbs in the process. However, this does little to slow down Mahal’s offense. The challenger continues to work the left arm, and it’s visibly starting to impact Orton’s performance.

Despite the damaged arm, the Viper is able to deliver a back suplex on the announce table. When he goes to roll back in the ring, Mahal greets the champion with a number of hard strikes. Yet again, he goes right back to working on the injured left arm. Refusing to stay down, Orton manages to get back in the contest when Mahal accidently charges into the ring post. This allowed the champion to land a big superplex moments later, but he was unable to secure the pinfall.

Continuing to gain momentum, Orton delivers his trademark comeback and keeps Mahal grounded. Although the injured arm is giving him trouble, the Viper is displaying tremendous resiliency and fortitude. Orton is able to hit the apron DDT, but Mahal wisely rolls out of the ring when the champion signals for the RKO. The Singh Brothers tried to offer a distraction, and in doing so kept the champion occupied long enough to allow Mahal to strike back.

Throwing Orton back into the ring, Mahal is taken down by an RKO outta nowhere. Before the champion is able to go for the pin, the Singh Brothers interfere yet again and drag Mahal out of the ring. This causes Orton to lose his mind, and in anger he demolishes the duo and levels them with a double apron DDT. However, in doing so the Viper let his opponent recover for too long, and Mahal was able to hit the Coloss for the victory.

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Mahal has gone from jobber to WWE Champion in less than two months. I’m in absolute shock. It’ll be interesting to see where this title reign goes from here.