WWE Backlash 2017: Reaction to The Usos vs. Breezango


The Fashion Police had their shot at the SmackDown Live Tag Team Championships at WWE Backlash. Were they able to steal the gold from The Usos?

WWE Backlash had several surprising match ups on the card. One of them was a meteoric rise by Breezango into the No. 1 contender slot for The Usos’ Smackdown Live Tag Team Championships. After winning a beat the clock challenge, Breezango became the team to challenge for the belts at Backlash.

Since then, Breezango has introduced a new entertaining segment known as the “Fashion Files” where they look to solve all of the fashion faux pas in the SmackDown Live locker room. Along with a new weekly segment, Breezango have also been able to string together a few wins in a row to gain momentum as they head towards Backlash. The Usos have kept their distance but have let The Fashion Police know that they should be afraid to face The Usos come Backlash.

With that, let’s see how things turned out between the two teams.

Breezango were the first to make their entrance. Tyler Breeze was doing some undercover work as a janitor for the Fashion Police.

The Usos came out sporting their titles and their Day One Is H shirts.

Breeze used his mop to his advantage for the match until Jay Uso quickly took Breeze down and snapped his weapon.

Breeze continued to just roll on the floor comically, so the Uso twin could not jump off the rope for an attack. Breeze continues the antics with another undercover outfit in the middle of the match. It appears he is now working as an old woman. “Let’s go Grandma!” chants break out from the crowd.

Breeze breaks out Mae Youngs bronco buster on The Usos. However, The Usos have been in control for the majority of the match. JBL may not have gotten fired, but at least he got hit by a dress. Fandango breaks out some fancy moves with a tornado DDT using the ropes.

However, momentum switches to The Usos as they attack Breeze with a double team maneuver. Breeze hits the killswitch but it wasn’t enough to put them away. The Usos take out Breeze, but Fandango dives out to hit the twins.

However, Fandango gets hit with a superkick and eats the pin as The Usos retain.

Overall, it was an interesting matchup that certainly was different from what we are used to seeing. Some members of the WWE sounded off on how entertaining the match was.


What’s next for the Fashion police after their loss, and who will be the next contenders for The Usos?

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What did you think of the matchup?