WWE NXT: 5 Stars Who Deserve Bigger Spotlight After TakeOver: Chicago

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5. Heavy Machinery

That’s right, we’re starting this list off with a 2-for-1 special. Although with the size of these guys, it may be a 4-for-1 special.

Tucker Knight and Otis Dozovic have literally everything necessary to become stars. They’re big and strong, for one. For another, they are as charismatic as anyone. And to top it off, they can connect with the crowd like few others. They got a “STEAKS AND WEIGHTS” chant, how cool is that?

All that aside, Knight and Dozovic are really good at what they do in the ring. Their unique physiques (relatively speaking) allows them to do things that few others are capable of. Standing apart from the crowd is usually a good thing in pro wrestling.

In NXT, the tag team division is a place where lots of great things have happened. One of the best matches in NXT history was a Tag Team Championship match – the two out of three falls affair between DIY and The Revival. Keeping that momentum for the division is important. Knight and Dozovic are more than capable of stepping in and stepping up.

I mean, a tag team with not one, but two catchphrases? How often do you see that? BOOM SHAKA LOOOOOOOOO.