WWE SummerSlam 2017: Match Card Projections After Backlash

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SmackDown Women’s Championship Match
Naomi (c) vs. Charlotte vs. Becky Lynch

The SmackDown Women’s Division received an interesting change, when Charlotte Flair arrived and Alexa Bliss left. It was a trade of the most decorated Women’s champions from Raw and SmackDown Live, respectively, in a way of shaking up the rosters.

Flair immediately went into the SmackDown Women’s Championship picture, but didn’t last there for long, as the Welcoming Committee essentially kicked her out of it. However, by SummerSlam, it’s difficult to see that still being the case, even if Carmella is next in line to face Naomi.

WWE has had a knack for changing champions within 1-2 months of their reigns in 2017, so it’s possible Naomi isn’t the champion in three months. It may depend on what happens at Money in the Bank, which is the next SmackDown PPV after Backlash.

Becky Lynch fits in because it’s hard to see her not being around the title from December 2016 until SummerSlam. She could be a heel by then, if the landscape continues changing in the Smackdown Women’s Division. This was teased, but WWE didn’t go through with it.

We may not get two Triple Threat Matches for the WWE Women’s Championships, but at least one seems possible, with all the talent on each roster.