WWE Twitter Erupts After Tommaso Ciampa’s Heel Turn at NXT TakeOver: Chicago


The destruction of #DIY has left many fans in disarray as a result of Tommaso Ciampa’s sadistic attack on Johnny Gargano.

At NXT TakeOver: Chicago, the story of #DIY came to a bitter end as Tommaso Ciampa turned on his best friend following a hard-fought loss to The Authors of Pain.

A desperate bid to reclaim the NXT Tag-Team Championships would see Ciampa and Gargano put their bodies on the line in one of the most compelling main events the NXT brand has put forward in quite some time, but it was to no avail as the reigning champions delivered a vicious Super Collider to successfully defend the titles.

The fan-favorite duo embraced to close the show, as it seemed, but Ciampa would take his frustrations out on his partner before the broadcast could fade to black.

Delivering two sickening knees to the side of the head, and a brutal air raid crash from the announce table through a number of tables set up below it, Ciampa ended his nearly two-year run alongside Gargano in as impactful a way as possible.

WWE fans have been subjected to a number of heel turns this year already, with the infamous “Festival of Friendship” still on the mind from February, and just recently with The Golden Truth imploding, but Ciampa turned it up a notch with the sheer vindictiveness of his attack – living up to the moniker of “Psycho Killer”.

As one would expect, Twitter was ablaze at the night’s shocking turn of events, with many heartbroken over the loss of a genuine friendship in NXT’s tag division:

One user even claimed that their belief in love has come into question.

Others reveled in knowing that we are going to be treated to a tremendous, emotionally-driven rivalry heading into August’s NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn, where Ciampa and Gargano are very likely to square off against one another.

Those who watched last year’s WWE Cruiserweight Classic tournament will know just how great these two are in the ring together, but throw in the added layer of Ciampa’s bitter betrayal and you’ve got a Match of the Year contender.

Some fans commended WWE on a perfectly-executed heel turn for Ciampa, hinting that perhaps these two will be the big stars of NXT sooner than later.

It was also pointed out that Ciampa sat and watched Gargano from the announce table for long after the show faded to black and fans started exiting the arena.

With Tommaso apparently suffering an injury at a house show this week, it’s possible that it will take a while before we can really get into this rivalry. But when we do, it’s bound to be one of the most intense and physical feuds NXT has ever graced us with.

Regardless of how it does transpire, this will surely live on as one of, if not the single-most heartbreaking moment in NXT history — to be remembered for years to come.

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