WWE SmackDown Live: 3 Potential Opponents for Jinder Mahal

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Who would step up their game for a shot at the new WWE champion, Jinder Mahal?

Whether you like it or not, Jinder Mahal is your new WWE champion. The Maharaja has captured WWE gold in one of the most shocking moments in recent times. A month ago nobody would have even counted Mahal as a contender for the title, let alone win it. It may or may not have something to do with WWE’s plans for expansion in India. Regardless, Mahal’s win is indeed a Cinderella story for the ages.

Randy Orton would indeed be in line for a rematch soon. It could happen this Tuesday at SmackDown Live. Or it could happen at the next SmackDown Live PPV, Money In The Bank. News of Mahal’s historic win hasn’t yet settled with the audience. As such, fans would be wondering if Jinder Mahal would end up with a short title reigns. A part of me worries something might happen this week itself.

Regardless, assuming that the Maharaja gets through Orton’s rematch clause as the WWE champion, things would indeed heat up in the main event scene. Two of the blue brand’s top stars are already engaged in a heated program for the United States title. That leaves Mahal’s WWE title open to a plethora of new challengers. Everyone from Sami Zayn to Tye Dillinger could be the next one to challenge the Maharaja. Here are our top three picks to face Mahal for the WWE title.