WWE SmackDown Live: 3 Potential Opponents for Jinder Mahal

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3. Luke Harper

Luke Harper is one of the most agile big men on SmackDown Live at the moment. In terms of in-ring skills and physical presence, he outshines his former Wyatt Family brethren Eric Rowan by miles. Harper’s biggest moment in the WWE came weeks away from WrestleMania 33. He would find himself engrossed in a storyline alongside Bray Wyatt and the then challenger for the WWE title, Randy Orton.

A section of the fans was even clamoring for Harper to be included in the WWE title match at Mania. However, the big man’s push never really shot up the way it did for Mahal. Regardless, seeing as how SmackDown is indeed the land of opportunity, Harper would still have a solid chance of being a contender for the title.

He might not be the one to win the title. However, Harper could be an excellent placeholder challenger for the new WWE champion, Jinder Mahal. Unfortunately, for Harper, at this point in his career, this is as far as he could potentially go. I would love to see the gold around his waist too. Perhaps, someday, Harper would have his moment in the sun too.