WWE SmackDown Live: 3 Potential Opponents for Jinder Mahal

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2. Sami Zayn

Admit it; we all think this is a match made in heaven. Zayn would have been the number one contender for the WWE title, had it not been for the Singh Brothers. Sami Zayn could have been your new WWE champion for all we know. The fact that Mahal has collided with Zayn even after the six-pack challenge could point to an eventual showdown between the two.

Sami Zayn facing Jinder Mahal for the WWE title has a very realistic and unpredictable aura to it. Considering that someone like Mahal won the WWE title, Zayn could easily go over as well. On the flip side, his perennial underdog status could mean he might lose once more. Regardless, the match would feature excellent spots and would be worthy of main eventing any PPV. This is especially true if Zayn wins in the end.

Sami Zayn defeating Kevin Owens for the WWE title would have been every fan’s dream scenario. However seeing as how overexposed their rivalry is at this point, I would gladly take this feud over it. Unlike Luke Harper, Zayn would have a legitimate shot at dethroning the new champion. Moreover, that would send the fans into a frenzy as they celebrate the coronation of a true fan favorite wrestler.