All 8 WWE Extreme Rules PPVs, Ranked

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Ranking all 8 pay-per-views in the history of WWE’s Extreme Rules.

The concept of having a full card of gimmick matches began in 2007 for the WWE.  Operating ECW’s original show, “One Night Only” it only seemed fitting that all the matches should be contested the same way old-school ECW was, without any rules.  So for the 07′ and 08′ One Night Stand pay-per-views, the company tagged on “Extreme Rules” to it.  It was the following year in 2009 when the One Night Stand portion was dropped from it due to the imminent demise of the ECW brand and Extreme Rules became it’s very own PPV.

From that first show in 2009 until present day, for the most part, the Extreme Rules PPVs have been solid.  Some, in fact, have been outstanding.  And it makes sense because a lot of times the gimmick match can really ramp up the aggression in a feud.  Two guys who’ve been ready to tear each other to shreds over the course of a couple months now get to do so with a bevy of weapons and gadgets.  It’s only when the matches at this show get silly that the product suffers.  And by silly, it’s matches like extreme pudding and extreme makeover should have no place in the proceedings.

So with the next installment of Extreme Rules set to run in just a couple of weeks, it’s time to look back and rank all 8 of the past PPVs.