All 8 WWE Extreme Rules PPVs, Ranked

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6. Extreme Rules 2010

The 2010 Extreme Rules may not be the worst of it’s kind but it might just be it’s most disappointing.  This card was absolutely stacked.  Listen to these three matches.  Randy Orton versus Jack Swagger in an Extreme Rules Match for World Heavyweight Championship.  Triple H versus Sheamus in a Street Fight.  And Edge vs. Chris Jericho in a steel cage.  Sounds great, right?  Unfortunately, none of those matches lived up to their expectations, although the Edge vs. Jericho match wasn’t that bad.  But fans were expecting so much more.

But it wasn’t all bad.  CM Punk and Rey Mysterio did battle in their amazingly underrated feud of 2010.  On this night in Baltimore, they dueled it out in a match where if Punk lost, he’d have to shave his head.  Punk prevailed in a very good match.  The main event was a Last Man Stranding Match between John Cena and Batista for the WWE Championship.  Not the greatest version of this bout of all-time, but close.

If the three matches that disappointed had lived upitsit’s expectations, this could’ve been one of the best Extreme Rules of all-time.  But they didn’t and it falls to third worst.  What a shame.