All 8 WWE Extreme Rules PPVs, Ranked

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4. Extreme Rules 2009

If the 2014 Extreme Rules was all about one match carrying it, then the 2009 show was all about two.  But before we get to them let’s get the rest of the card out of the way first.  Batista and Tommy Dreamer both won world titles that night, the WWE Championship and the ECW title respectively.  But those matches were nothing special.  Kofi Kingston retained his United States belt in a decent four-way match and Umaga beat CM Punk in a solid, if not great Strap Match. But then there’s that forgettable Hog Pen Match, with Santino Marella’s win over Vicki and Chavo Guerrero.

The first of the two aforementioned classics was in the form of a thrilling No Holds Barred Match between Chris Jericho and Rey Misterio.  Y2J was always the best as a heel. He could bring such rage to his opponents and their fans and that was on full display New Orleans that night.  Jericho got the victory and the Intercontinental title belt by tearing off Mysterio’s mask while he going for a 619 and rolling Rey up for the three.  Does it get any more heel than that?

The second match that stole the show was the ladder match for the World heavyweight Championship between Edge and Jeff Hardy.  And of course it was insane.  The duos ladder match history had gone back close to a decade at that point and they were both pioneers of TLC.  Hardy won the match and after 10 years had finally climbed the world title mountain.  But it was short-lived.  CM Punk seized the opportunity and cashed in his Money in the Bank briefcase to end Hardy’s reign at about five minutes.  four title changes, two of them for world titles, a MITB cash-in, and two classic matches.  That’s a good show.