4 Predictions for WWE Raw: May 21, 2017

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The Samoan Destroyer Targets the Eater of Worlds

When Samoa Joe made the decision to interfere in last week’s main event, he did so to attack Seth Rollins. The two have been at odds for quite some time now, and Joe has made it his mission to demolish the Architect. For a moment it seemed that Bray Wyatt was willing to simply assist in the assault, but then everything changed.

Out of nowhere, the Eater of Worlds ensnared Joe and delivered an emphatic Sister Abigail. This allowed Wyatt to be the sole superstar standing in the ring, and he wanted to send a clear message that he intends to win at Extreme Rules. While Wyatt was indeed the last man standing on Raw, he made a new enemy in the process.

As difficult as it is for fans to get invested in a heel versus heel match, WWE will likely choose to go this route tonight. It makes perfect sense from a storyline standpoint, as Joe probably wants to destroy Wyatt right now. These two have never fought against one another before, making a first time match a very enticing prospect. Since there are three hours of television to fill every week, fans need new matches to draw them in. This contest could do just that, but these two would need to deliver inside the ring.

Should the company provide this match to the fans, there needs to be a concrete winner. Personally, I think that Wyatt needs the victory more here than Joe does. The Samoan Destroyer can lose due to interference from Seth Rollins, which would help to progress their feud and help Joe not appear weak to the fans.