4 Predictions for WWE Raw: May 21, 2017

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The Swiss Superman Gains a Big Win

To my knowledge, the Hardy Boyz have yet to lose a televised match. This includes both tag team action and singles competition. Although having the Raw Tag Team Champions win on a regular basis is a logical decision from a business perspective, it damages the credibility of their challengers. Cesaro and Sheamus have shown that they can defeat other teams on the brand, but when will the duo put the champions on notice?

Seeing as how Sheamus lost to Jeff Hardy during the previous episode, it would seem that Cesaro and Matt Hardy are destined to square off. A match between these two athletes is very appealing on paper, and it could turn out to be a solid contest. More importantly, it may serve as a way to show that Cesaro and Sheamus can beat the Hardy Boyz. If that isn’t established soon, fans won’t buy into the fact in time for Extreme Rules.

During the match itself, WWE can go a number of different paths if they’re keen on keeping the Hardy Boyz strong. For one, they can choose to have Sheamus interfere towards the closing moments, which would mitigate the loss for Matt. Another option is to have Cesaro exploit an injury, and that setback could be played up before Extreme Rules. Not only would it let Matt look strong in defeat, but it’d offer an interesting dynamic heading into the event.

At the end of the day, it’s unlikely that Cesaro and Sheamus are going to regain the belts now. Until Matt and Jeff split and become singles wrestlers, they’ll be a prominent fixture in the tag division. Once this program with Cesaro and Sheamus concludes, the Hardy Boyz will probably contend with the Revival.