4 Predictions for WWE Raw: May 21, 2017

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Watch Out Alexa Bliss

Ever since Bayley lost the Raw Women’s Championship to Alexa Bliss, her career has been on a downward spiral. She was pinned by the champion in an eight-woman tag team match the following night, not to mention Bliss insulting her in the segment prior. In every interaction between the two thus far, Bayley appears to be the inferior athlete.

Among a number of strong qualities Bayley posses is the ability to bounce back from anything. The former Women’s Champion is a true underdog who refuses to stay down for the count. When she was attacked by Bliss last week, the assault lit a fire in the number one contender. She has only one goal in mind at the present time; regaining her title.

Before these two women reach the Extreme Rules event, both champion and challenger need to appear credible. In the champion’s case, this is already apparent, as she’s been absolutely stellar since shifting from SmackDown Live. It’s Bayley that needs that extra push ahead of the event, and a big win tonight could do wonders for her. The following idea is going to require the creative team to put a bit of effort into producing a compelling story, but it’s solid and simple plan nonetheless.

Because she’s eager to prove herself to the fans, Bayley asks Kurt Angle for a challenge on Raw. Angle responds by booking her to face Alicia Fox, and later on in the night, Bayley is victorious. This angers her friend, Sasha Banks, because she’s fresh off a loss to Fox. Out of jealousy and because she feels overshadowed by her friend, Banks costs Bayley the match at Extreme Rules. This path builds to two matches; Bayley versus Bliss and (later on) Bayley versus Banks. Make it happen WWE.