WWE Raw Results: Highlights, Analysis, and Grades for May 22

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Source: WWE.com

Mickie James vs. Alexa Bliss

Result: Alexa Bliss defeated Mickie James via pinfall

Rating: 2.5 out of 5 stars

Like Crews vs. Kalisto, this match could have benefitted from a little more time. I don’t want to complain about short matches too much because we got ten matches. Ten. To get so many people onto the show, sadly sometimes the matches need to be short.

Even though it’s short, there’s a lot in this one. Mickie spent the early part of the match in total control, but Alexa fought back. That’s what we call “championship resiliency.” Thankfully, there’s no “MICKIE JAMES HAS DEFEATED THE WOMEN’S CHAMPION” moment here.

I am a big fan of Alexa using the DDT as a finish. It’s spent too much time as a transition move, for one. Seeing it as a finish again makes me happy. Second, the Sparkle Splash should really be used (a) only when absolutely necessary, or (b) when/if Alexa is a babyface again.

Earlier, I mentioned that the welts on Bayley’s back probably meant Alexa was putting a lot behind her swings with the kendo stick. Well, thanks to the beauty of a slow-mo replay, we know she’s definitely swinging for the fences. Gah, that looks painful.

The only thing I would have done differently here? After Bayley ended up with the kendo stick, I would have liked to see Mickie confront her. Mickie got hit from behind, remember, so it would be reasonable (kind of) for her to assume Bayley hit her, even if by accident, if she was the one holding the weapon. But that’s why I’m not a booker, that’s terrible.