WWE Raw Results: Highlights, Analysis, and Grades for May 22

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Dean Ambrose vs. Elias Samson

Result: Elias Samson defeated Dean Ambrose via disqualification

Rating: 3.0 out of 5 stars

This. This is the Elias Samson I was waiting for in NXT. He’s literally been a drifter since first appearing on Raw weeks ago. And did you hear that nuclear heat he got simply for existing in the ring there? He’s gonna be gooooood.

Remember back at the tail end of his run in NXT that Samson got really good at wrestling? That absolutely held up here in the early going of the match. I don’t know how much video he studied while he was out with that ankle injury for months, but it was time well spent. It was basically two different versions of the guy, pre- and post-injury.

Debuting against the Intercontinental Champion was a bad move, though. One of two things was going to happen here: either Samson loses because Ambrose is the champ, or The Miz leaves commentary to distract Ambrose and give Samson a tainted victory. We got the latter, but at least there was a little variation on it.

The finish was actually really smart, because it (theoretically) adds intrigue to the Extreme Rules match between Miz and Ambrose. Plus, The Miz is basically the smartest person in WWE, and he shows it again. And Samson can still go after Miz at a later date for attacking him in this one.

Also, having Samson on the show with Corey Graves still doing commentary for him makes me so happy. Corey’s pure, unadulterated hatred for The Drifter is one of my favorite things in wrestling.

Who Attacked Enzo?

Am I the only one who thought Enzo was double jointed? I could have sworn he was still wearing that shoe next to his head.