Predicting WWE Money in the Bank 2017 Ladder Match Entrants

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WWE SmackDown Live’s Backlash pay-per-view is over, so who could be part of the Money in the Bank event’s Ladder Match?

With Backlash in the books, the WWE Money in the Bank pay-per-view will be the focus. It’s SmackDown’s next exclusive show, which will take place on Sunday, Jun. 18, from the Scottrade Center in St. Louis, MO.

This event should see fallout from Backlash. However, its focus will be the annual Money in the Bank Ladder Match. This provides a WWE Superstar with a guaranteed WWE Championship Match, which can take place at any time. The 2016 version saw Dean Ambrose win and cash it in on Seth Rollins that same night.

Who will be the six Superstars to compete for the Money in the Bank Ladder Match, though? There are options, all of whom haven’t been announced by WWE. Who does this include?

Luke Harper

After leaving the Wyatt Family, Luke Harper found some direction in the hunt for the WWE Championship Match at WrestleMania 33. He had momentum as a babyface, getting over with the crowd and becoming a focal point of the Bray Wyatt vs. Randy Orton feud.

However, a No. 1 Contenders Match loss to AJ Styles did Harper in, along with a loss to Orton at Elimination Chamber. It took him out of anything important for the next few months, until he and Erick Rowan had a match at Backlash.

Harper ended up winning, which pushes him in the right direction, despite the match not being anything notable. It could get him into the Money in the Bank Ladder Match, something that will stretch the SmackDown Live roster somewhat thin. If that means giving someone like this 37-year-old another chance, especially given his athleticism for a contest like this, then it’s a positive.

Does Harper stand a chance of winning? Probably not. He doesn’t have the momentum or roster placement others do, who are involved in this match. However, there’s a role for him at MITB, which he’ll play well.