Predicting WWE Money in the Bank 2017 Ladder Match Entrants

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Baron Corbin

Baron Corbin seemed like the guy in position to win the Money in the Bank briefcase. He’s a rising star on SmackDown Live, has officials high on him, and would be the ideal heel to have spoil someone’s WWE Championship win.

Did Backlash change things, though? The Lone Wolf took a loss to Zayn, despite looking dominant for most of the match. It could stall his momentum toward a potential Money in the Bank win, or mean the exact opposite.

When it’s come to this guaranteed title match, WWE has messed around with the booking of its potential winner or briefcase holder. They use these Superstars to put others over, knowing a WWE Championship reign is in their future. This happened with Seth Rollins in 2014 and Sheamus in 2015. Dean Ambrose won and cashed in the same night, so this kind of booking hasn’t happened for a while.

So Corbin losing at Backlash may mean he’s only one step closer to winning on Jun. 18. It’s a backward way of booking this, but that’s just how WWE has handled this in recent years.

If Corbin wins, we’ll have to wait for a babyface WWE Champion before he makes his move. Mahal won’t be this anytime soon, especially with the heel reactions he’s received. Could it be Orton? Zayn? AJ Styles?