Predicting WWE Money in the Bank 2017 Ladder Match Entrants

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AJ Styles

As long as AJ Styles isn’t the WWE Champion, it’s difficult to count him out of the picture. He can headline a match for the belt at anytime, which we saw from September 2016 to this past winter. Now Styles is involved in the United States Championship scene, but that will only last for so long.

The Phenomenal One doesn’t really need the briefcase, as he’d be believable to win the WWE Championship without it. Plus, his “main event rub” has been established for well over one year in WWE.

However, the star power Styles would bring to this match is noteworthy. He’s more popular than a Corbin or Rusev, both of whom are talented but aren’t in position to headline a Money in the Bank Ladder Match. That can be left to the former WWE World Champion and the last potential Superstar in this field.

Despite Styles not needing the guaranteed title match, he would be a safe Superstar to give this to. It would prop him into the main event scene, without any odd booking and give a little more prestige to a briefcase that was hurt by Sheamus in 2015.

So Styles may not be the favorite to win, but he would make for a solid player in this match. Who could join him, though?