5 Most Shocking Wins in WWE History

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4. The Rock is Rolled By The Hurricane

The biggest name in sports entertainment, The Rock had a pretty funny feud with The Hurricane. The Rock had just returned under his new heel “Hollywood” gimmick. The Hurricane called out The People’s Champ as a sellout. The two would spend a few programs exchanging hilarious backstage segments.

In March of 2003, The Hurricane finally got a one on one match with The Rock in the main event of RAW. The result was a no DQ match, that surprisingly enough was a very close match. Much like the number four competitor on this list,  no one expected The Hurricane to beat The Rock.

However, The Hurricane had a few near falls on The Rock. When The People’s Champ was done playing down to the competition, he set up Hurricane for the People’s Elbow. That’s when Stone Cold Steve Austin’s music hit. He was The Rock’s WrestleMaina opponent that year. The distraction was enough for The Hurricane to roll up The Great One and get the 1-2-3! Jim Ross’s excitement on commentary made this moment even more special. The record books will forever show that Hurricane Helms pinned The Rock for one of the most shocking wins in WWE history.