5 Most Shocking Wins in WWE History

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2. The 1-2-3 Kid

Before Sean Waltman went on to have fame and success as the degenerate X-Pac, he was simply known as “The Kid”. He was rocking this silly looking blue Flash-themed singlet and sporting a mullet. He would have probably the most memorable moment of RAW and his career in the same night.

First of all, he was going up against the popular heel at the time Razor Ramon. Now how would anyone in that arena expect The Kid to beat The Bad Guy? The entire match Razor Ramon was in control. The tide of the match would change when Razor went for a turnbuckle smash and hit his head on the post. Next, The Kid capitalized by going to the top rope and hit a moonsault on a dazed Ramon dropping him down for the 1-2-3!

The crowd and announce team of Macho Man Randy Savage, Vince McMahon, and Bobby Heenan erupted as The Kid CLEANLY pinned Razor Ramon. As a result, The Kid would go on to be known as The 1-2-3 Kid. His moment is still one of the most talked about and shocking wins of all time.