4 Predictions for WWE SmackDown Live: May 23, 2017

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The Superstars Are Revealed

Now that Backlash is behind them, the superstars of SmackDown Live can prepare for their next big event; Money in the Bank. Every year, one of the most prominent matches at the event involves superstars battling for the coveted MiTB briefcase. This is a huge prize to obtain, as the winner is allowed to cash-in a title match whenever they choose for up to twelve months.

So who will comprise the participants of the match this year? Below are the six men who we believe are most likely to be announced as competing in the contest. Our list assumes that only six are being declared, but that number is subject to change.

Baron Corbin: Although he was on the losing end at Backlash, the Lone Wolf is still a dominant player on the Blue Brand. Corbin could have the highest chance for success in this match due to the support he has backstage.

Erick Rowan: The dude is a menacing presence and not someone you want to cross. He doesn’t have the best win/loss record, but a spot awaits him nonetheless.

Luke Harper: Although his stock has fallen a bit lately, Harper is still a talented and widely popular athlete. His natural abilities will be a welcome addition in this environment.

Rusev: Having demanded a title show at Money in the Bank, Rusev believes he’s owed a chance at greatness. He never did obtain an answer, so watch this be his consolation prize.

Sami Zayn: Fresh off his big win, there’s no doubt in my mind that Zayn is going to be included in the match. Everyone loves an underdog, and the former NXT Champion fills that role very well.

Tye Dillinger: Since making his main roster debut, Dillinger has impressed both fans and talent alike. A high-stakes contest is certainly something he has earned at this point in time.