WWE SmackDown Live Results: Highlights, Analysis, and Grades for May 23

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Jinder Mahal is Champion

Because he won the WWE Championship at Backlash, Jinder Mahal felt it necessary to celebrate on SmackDown Live. Flanked by a parade of dancers and musicians, the new WWE Champion made a grand entrance with the Singh Brothers alongside him. Despite the boos from the live audience, Mahal knows that his people back in India are solidly behind him and his accomplishments.

Turning his attention to Randy Orton, Mahal states that the Viper is just as unimportant as the people here in the United States. This doesn’t matter to the champion though, as he celebrates solely for the country he represents. Choosing to address his people in their naïve language, he finishes the promo by posing in the corner. Raising the title above his head, he emits a large smile as fireworks go off, finalizing the celebration.

For the first time in WWE history, a championship celebration ended without any sort of interference. The work Mahal has produced thus far has been highly impressive, and the athlete continuously proves his worth. It’ll take a bit of times for fans to get fully behind the new champion, however, it will eventually happen. Until that occurs, WWE is wise to have him develop as a credible and strong champion. When Orton returns for his quest for revenge, that will be the true indicator of the potential Mahal has.in this industry.

Before the next contest, a vignette hyping the arrival of Lana to SmackDown Live was shown.