5 Ways WWE Extreme Rules 2017 Can Be a Success

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credit: wwe.com

5. Let’s See Some Blood

Come on, what’s the big deal?  We’re in the PG era but after growing up and being a fan of Hulk Hogan, a marketer’s dream for kids.  He was the most popular wrestler in the world among children and even he wore the crimson mask on a few occasions.  Look no further than WrestleMania’s 5 and 7 if you want to see “The Hulkster” bleed like a sieve.  We’re not talking about nudity or even anything risque which could be too much for the younger viewers.  Just some good, old-fashioned vital fluids spilling on the mat.  Is that so bad?

Look, the fact of the matter is we see blood in the WWE from time to time already.  Guys miss with errant shots, people slip and bang their heads, and sometimes a wrestler eats an outside ring post too hard.  It happens.  So what’s the difference?  So unless The Great Muta decides to make an appearance and wants to get some color, some bloodshed is not going to ruin a kids life just like it didn’t ruin ours when we were young.

The fact is, this is Extreme Rules and therefore there are weapons involved.  It can’t be a shocker if someone bleeds.  Plus, adding the blood element back into the product is a great way to send a feud to another level.  It’s like it makes things more real.  Remember when Steve Austin was ordered by Vince McMahon to “open up” Jim Ross?  The heat on Austin was immeasurable.  Adding this element into Extreme Rules, specifically into the final match could really set the whole thing apart.