WWE SmackDown Live: Ranking All the Cinderella Stories

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SmackDown Live continues to be the land of opportunity. Join us as we rank all the Cinderella stories we have seen in front of us since the brand split.

SmackDown Live continues to shock the fans with awe-inspiring moments. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a PPV or a weekly show, the creative team has been doing some outstanding work. Ever since the brand split, the blue brand has emerged as far more superior than WWE’s flagship show. Perhaps, Monday night Raw could learn a few lessons from SmackDown and tell an intriguing story every once in a while.

What SmackDown does best is to let the shows premier stars shine bright in their own spot. AJ Styles is perhaps one of the best wrestlers in the entire WWE right now. However, the company has ensured that his presence does not outshine everybody else on the blue roster. Styles and Owens have taken a step down to make way for newer stars at the main event scene. Compare this to the overcrowded main event scene on Mondays, filled with the same stars week after week.

We have seen a handful of midcard stars make the jump to the main event and even win the titles on numerous occasions. Some of these stars used to be jobbers and some of them used to struggle on the midcard treadmill. Regardless of their former stature, SmackDown Live has remained as the land of opportunity and presented most of them with an opportunity to rise. All of them responded to the occasion and made the most of it. But who did it best?

Whose story was the greatest of them all? Join us as we analyze and rank our top four Cinderella stories from SmackDown Live since the brand split.