WWE SmackDown Live: Ranking All the Cinderella Stories

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3. Breezango

The moment Tyler Breeze and Fandango were randomly paired up, fans knew there was something right about it. The pairing came as a secondary storyline during the formation of the Golden Truth. While the Golden Truth failed to find traction, Breezango has been winning hearts ever since. Perhaps, it is the seemingly random pairing of two guys obsessed with themselves. Or it could be the similarities in their gimmick. But the fact is, the crowd loves Breezango.

Breeze and Dango are two of the most underutilized stars in the WWE. When they were given an opportunity they just ran across the field with it. In a matter of weeks, they went from jobbers to legit contenders. The fact is, had Breezango won the tag titles, I wouldn’t have been one bit surprised. They are talented and they deserve it. Moreover, they could carry on the legacy of the goofiness that the New Day once did.

Giving the duo some screen time via the Fashion Files segment was pure genius. The duo is hugely entertaining and comical. However, what sets them apart is that aside from being a comedic act, they are also an immensely talented wrestling tag team. If one would watch the tag title match from Backlash this would be evident at every moment during the match. Due credit goes to the Usos, but on that night, Fandango was the best wrestler in the ring.

He carried the wrestling aspect of the match brilliantly while Breeze did the costume changes and all the comedy skits. The balance in display there was brilliant. Breezango has the potential to go all the way. They are entertaining as hell and has the potential to deliver in the ring as well. Being placed in 3rd is rather due to them still having many more entertaining weeks ahead of them.