WWE Money in the Bank 2017: 8 Candidates for Potential Women’s Ladder Match

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8. Summer Rae

Summer Rae has been cleared to return to action for some time but it seems creative just don’t have a spot for her right now. Well, how about moving her from Raw to Smackdown Live and debuting her in this potential match? She would suit the Smackdown Live landscape and there is a lot she could bring to the table. It would make quite an impact to bring her in without any build up into the MITB match, it would shock the audience and she can leave her mark.

It isn’t necessary for her to return and the win the match but with her there it would add an extra element and it would be great to see her again. There is a lot she can do and a lot she can show off with in a ladder match as well. She is a good worker and has a fun character, it is a shame she has not been back on TV. They could even throw a spanner into the work and have her win the briefcase on her return. No one would see that coming and it will certainly shake up the division big time.