WWE Money in the Bank 2017: 8 Candidates for Potential Women’s Ladder Match

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6. Lana

Since the ‘Superstar Shake-up, ‘ there have been running promos for Lana’s Smackdown Live debut. She will no longer be paired with Rusev and will be a singles competitor. Having her debut at MITB for the potential women’s match is a smart move, it’s unexpected and she can show us all just how far she has come. This is a good chance to show off her new character, and get right into the mix with the division.

Whether she is a heel or a face, Lana has the talent to pull it off. If her debut is held off any longer it will become a big joke just like it was for Emma with the Emmalina character. Does she stand a chance to win the actual match? I don’t think she does but it would be quite a swerve if she did. At least with a big debu, she can move forward and get into a feud or storyline and make herself at home on the blue brand.