WWE Money in the Bank 2017: 8 Candidates for Potential Women’s Ladder Match

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3. Becky Lynch

A potential MITB match needs the Lass Kicker, Becky is the perfect person to lead this match. She has been a part of Smackdown Live’s first Women’s Steel Cage match and this should be another first for her. There isn’t much she can’t do, and she would bring a lot of high flying and fun action to this match. She would be a great candidate to actually win the briefcase and have a chance at the title any time she wanted to.

Being that she was the very first Women’s Champion on Smackdown, another title run is surely in the cards for Becky. It doesn’t seem likely from a storyline point for her to win the Fatal Five Way, but this opportunity does make sense and she can hold that briefcase until Summerslam or WrestleMania to ensure she gets a title shot and then a likely win. Whatever does happen, Becky is the must need for this match.