WWE Money in the Bank 2017: 8 Candidates for Potential Women’s Ladder Match

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2. Asuka

This one is a long shot, however, Asuka has achieved everything possible in NXT and going to the main roster is the next step. Since her debut in WWE, she has not lost a match, this includes live shows as well as NXT episodes and NXT: TakeOver events. To keep that intact she could relinquish the NXT Women’s Title and jump to Smackdown Live and make her debut at Money In The Bank in this match. With that winning streak in her corner that would then make her a shoe-in as the winner.

Having her in this historic match is the right move, she can bring in so much and be the biggest threat into the division since the draft. The possibilities are endless for what she can do in a ladder match, and then moving forward if she did have the briefcase ensures she would become a champion. Keeping that winning streak is a very smart move, as who ever then breaks it will be the one to beat. Asuka would fit right in on the brand and what better way is there then a Women’s MITB match for her to make that debut?