WWE Money in the Bank 2017: 8 Candidates for Potential Women’s Ladder Match

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1. Natalya

The Queen Of Hearts is definitely set to become Smackdown Women’s Champion this year, if she does not win the Fatal Five Way match, she would definitely be the front runner to win the briefcase. Natalya has been one of the biggest elements for Smackdown Live since the draft, and her time is coming to be a champion. With her heel persona, holding the briefcase would be a wise move. There is a lot of potential for her character with that wild card on her side, and it would be a lot of fun for her.

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‘The Welcoming Committee’ has had a good run, and with the title the focus of each of the women it makes sense to break that up right now and focus on the title situation. With a ladder match, Natalya has a chance to really shine and show everyone that she can pull her weight and more in this type of match. Natalya is one of the hardest working individuals in the company, and the time has come to put her back on top just where she belongs.