WWE Stock Watch: Finn Balor Wins Either Way

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3. Rising: Goldust

We could all use some more Goldust in our lives, and even if his single’s run doesn’t end up in an actual push towards title contention, at least we’ll get more of these vignettes. Goldust has always been one of the greatest promo workers in wrestling, otherwise how else would he have made his gimmick an actual institution in wrestling that spans decades? He’s formed some memorable tag teams, and now it looks like he’s in a position for his final singles run.

Goldust’s promo on Raw was indeed reminiscent of the promos he cut earlier in his career. It’s just him sitting there, speaking in film analogies, and doing the simple quirks that make his character so special. It’s anybody’s guess as to what is next for Goldust, but a match against former partner R-Truth at Extreme Rules could be a start.

At the very least, I’m looking forward to more of this character work from Goldust. Now that he’s turned heel and disbanded his tag team with R-Truth, the serious side of Goldust is starting to shine through. Although he’s always been great in a comedic role, his strongest work comes when he is a dark, sinister character who uses veiled language that adds to his mystique.