WWE Stock Watch: Finn Balor Wins Either Way

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2. Falling: Dean Ambrose

I was tempted to put Sasha Banks here, but I can’t fault her for trying to help Alicia Fox get a much-deserved restart on her singles career. Meanwhile, Dean Ambrose looks set to lose the Intercontinental Championship at Extreme Rules, because I would consider it a shock if he were able to retain the title.

The notion of an Extreme Rules match having a disqualification is interesting in itself, and the fact that Ambrose will lose if he is disqualified means that The Miz is the odds-on favorite. On Raw, Ambrose lost his match against Elias Samson after The Miz interfered and put his hands on “The Drifter”.

This seems like foreshadowing for how their match at Extreme Rules will unfold. The Miz literally doesn’t have to do anything to win this match, because he’ll be accompanied with Maryse. All Maryse needs to do is hit Ambrose, and then The Miz will win by disqualification, allowing him to obtain the Intercontinental Championship again.

However, there could be a hitch to this plan, and it goes back to the match on SmackDown Live in which The Miz lost the title to Ambrose. Maryse slapped Ambrose, but “The Lunatic Fringe” somehow allowed the ref to stop the bell from being rung. Ambrose won the match and the title, The Miz had a meltdown on Talking Smack that was never followed up on, and the rest of the story has led us to this point.

I can’t see Ambrose getting the ref to wave off a disqualification, because it would work against him in this case. We’ll see what happens on June 4, but I’m fully expecting Ambrose’s reign as Intercontinental Champion to end.